State Employees Told to Change Work Habits During I-5 Closures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 16, 2008

The latest action comes directly from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It’s an executive order aimed at the 75,000 state employees who work in and around downtown Sacramento.
CalTrans director Will Kempton says the goal is to keep them off the road during peak driving times.
Kempton: “The executive order directs all state agencies to encourage flexible work schedules, telecommuting, the use of mass transit, carpooling and yes, even cycling.” 
Schwarzenegger’s action also encourages private employers to take similar actions, though the state can’t require them to do anything.
The first round of closures starts Friday evening, May 30th, and runs through Monday, June 9th.  The work will last through mid-July.