Business Journal: Bus Station To Move

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 16, 2008
Greyhound is finally pulling out of downtown. After years of failed attempts to move the terminal from its L Street location, Greyhound Lines, its landlord and the city of Sacramento have cut a deal to relocated it to Richards Boulevard. Eventually, the plan is to move the bus terminal to the planned redevelopment project The Railyards. City leaders say the terminal’s presence in the business core has scared off redevelopment. It’s also been a logistical headache for the bus service, which must navigate buses through busy downtown streets.
At one point, 87 different sites around town were examined, but plans always fell through. The City Council will likely vote Tuesday on the deal. A new facility will need to be built on the city-owned Richards Boulevard property. The interim terminal could cost up to $4.5 million.