Students React To New Fee Hikes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sacramento State’s University Union is bustling with a lunch time crowd. Economics student Kate Moran is sitting in a quiet corner studying for next week’s exams. She just found out that she’ll have to pay another $276 in fees next fall…bringing her annual tuition up to $3,800. 

"I’m fighting it because we shouldn’t stand for something that will impact our entire future." 

She plans to write a protest letter to Governor Schwarzenegger. 

The Cal State system faces more than $380 million in cuts because of the state budget shortfall. Trustees say they’ve already taken steps to deal with the proposed cuts, including closing admissions early at all campuses. But trustees say students will have to shoulder some of the burden this fall.  

Jaspaul Bains has also just found out about the higher fees. 

"That’s quite a large amount of money." 

The business major says he’s worried it may ultimately hurt his grades. 

"Because I’ll be working more in the mornings and afternoon trying to get those fees to be paid."

The latest tuition hike marks the sixth time in seven years that student fees have gone up at CSU campuses.