Drive-In Vote Set For Wednesday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The vote was expected to happen last week…to replace the aging Sacramento Six Drive-In on Bradshaw Road with a shopping center and indoor theaters called The Landing. But the owners of some nearby warehouse blocked that vote.

Their attorney – Aaron Bock – told County Supervisors the project would create too much traffic. 

"There’s a perception of at least a CEQUA violation here in the fact that not all traffic impacts were studied." 

CEQA is the California Environmental Quality Act. County officials say they’ll have those traffic issues worked out before Wednesday’s vote. 

Meantime, some local movie goers say they want the drive-in to stay open. Roxanne Fuentes says the admission price is a lot cheaper which makes it more affordable for families. 

"You can actually see stars in the sky and you can’t do this in a walk in theater. And an indoor theater complex with high end shops is not a good fit for this area. There’s no market for it now." 

But County Supervisor Don Nottoli says there’s not much they can do about it. It’s the end of an era for drive-in theaters. 

"I’ve heard from a number of folks, not only from a nostalgic standpoint but just from a standpoint of good family entertainment, they enjoy going to the drive-in. However, irrespective of what we do, they could close the theater tomorrow." 

County officials say The Landing is expected to create 800 jobs and generate annual sales tax revenue of $1.3 million. Construction could start later this year or early next year with an opening in 2011.