Fire Season Starts May 12th

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 12, 2008

The district has mailed out more than 1,000 letters to rural residents urging them to clear any weeds and brush around their property which could catch on fire.   

"Frankly, we are frustrated that a considerable amount of citizens choose to either ignore or decide against taking our recommendations." 

Captain Jeff Lynch is with the Fire District. He says some rainy weather late in the season gave fuels like wild grass a growth spurt...and that’s not a good thing. 

"Now that we’re out of the rain season, it’s drying out very quickly. So it’s longer and thicker than normal. So there’s some real potential for some problems." 

Lynch says at least 20 Sacramento area homes were either damaged or destroyed in wildland fires last year. 

State fire officials announced last week that they plan to ticket people who don’t clear so-called defensible space around their homes.