Cal-fire To Crack Down on "Defensible Space"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 9, 2008
Back in 2005 a state law went into effect requiring home-owners to clear 100 feet of so-called “defensible space” around their houses for fire protection. But up until now, the state’s fire-fighting agency, Cal-Fire, has issued few citations. Now that more people know about the law, the Governor says it’s time to start ticketing. He says he recently had an expert from the fire department come to his house to help him comply with the law: “They gave us the instructions of removing certain trees and brush and high grass and all of those kinds of things and it was really terrific because it makes us feel much safer now.” Schwarzenegger has issued an executive order that will bolster the number of fire-fighters available to do home inspections this season. The State Fire Marshall says the first fine can be up to 500 dollars – and if a homeowner doesn’t comply, the state can require the work to be done – or even put a lien on the house.