Denham Campaign Still Going

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Republican from Merced says it’s a big weight off his shoulders that Senate Democratic Leader Don Perata has dropped the recall.  Perata says he backed off to encourage upcoming budget talks.  But Denham says it’s already taken its toll. 

 “You know it was launched over last year’s budget, the deficit me holding out to get more reforms as well as to get cuts.  It has continued to go way too far this year as a distraction of this year’s budget …” 

A spokesman for the recall campaign says T.V. ads targeting Denham will be removed—as will billboards. But Denham says he will keep campaigning because the recall remains on the June third ballot.  Senate Republican leader Dave Cogdill commended Perata’s decision and said it will help them focus on upcoming budget negotiations.