Sierra Snowpack Survey Bleak

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 1, 2008
The Sierra Snowpack surveys help determine how much water there will be to go around. And the latest one shows the snowpack water content is roughly 67 percent of normal at this time of year. Department of Water Resources meteorologist Elyssa Lynn says that’s partly because March and April were the driest on record for parts of the state. And things could get worse: We’re in a dry spell, if not a drought and we’re in the second year, so if we have a third year, we’re looking at some additional serious problems.” The State’s Secretary for Resources, Mike Chrisman, says he’s not talking about mandatory water rationing, but people should be aware there’s a problem: "People are going to have to conserve. People are going to have to do things differently relative to water use. Chrisman says people should water their lawns less, and use low-flush toilets if possible. The state faces additional restrictions because it can’t pump as much water through the Delta as usual. A federal judge ordered the cutback to help save the smelt, a tiny threatened fish that gets killed in the pumps.