Poll Says Californians Concerned About the State of Education, Economy

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 1, 2008

The most recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California shows residents are not only worried about the state of the economy- but also about the education system.  P.P.I.C. President Mark Baldassare reports 53-percent of residents say the quality of schools is a major problem—and 59-percent say the school system needs major changes.

“You see that many Californians are concerned about the fact that we have a problem with high school drop outs, that we have a  problem with students not graduating because they can’t pass the high school exit exam.”

The survey also shows the Governor’s approval rating is slipping.  41-percent of Californians like the way Schwarzenegger is doing his job.  That’s down three points from March. It’s a sixteen-point slide from December.

The survey took place between April eighth and the 22nd.