Undocumented Students Call For Financial Aid

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 28, 2008

Right now, California law prohibits it. One of the rally organizers is Miriam – she’s an undocumented student originally from Mexico. Miriam didn’t want us to use her last name because she says she’s been targeted by opponents of financial aid for illegal immigrants.

She says it’s only fair that she should get help to pay for school. 

"We should have an equal chance because we’re already part of the society and we have made our lives here already so without this it make it even harder for us to continue any type of higher education." 

California currently allows undocumented residents to pay in-state college tuition if they’ve graduated from a California high school…but they’re barred from getting loans or financial aid. 

State lawmakers are considering two bills that would allow those students to get some types of financial aid. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation last year. He said extending aid to undocumented students would strain the state budget.