Redistricting Measure Awaits Hearing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 28, 2008

Republican Senator Roy Ashburn says his proposal makes fundamental changes to California’s political system.  It would eliminate term limits in 2016.  It would also withhold lawmakers’ pay if they don’t pass a budget by July first. The measure also removes the legislature’s power to draw political district maps.  He says instead a citizen’s commission would do that job.  Ashburn wants to move the bill forward in time to put it before voters this November.

  “We need to act quickly because the census will be upon us very shortly.  The census is the basis on which the political line-redrawing, redistricting takes place…”

But the measure is stalled in the Assembly—and it’s not the only proposal around.  Both Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Governor Schwarzenegger are pushing separate redistricting efforts.