New Parking Rules Considered For Land Park

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 28, 2008

City officials thought they fixed the problem last year when they approved a two-hour parking limit at the park. But… 

"The students were still not getting the message." 

Linda Tucker is with the city’s Transportation Department. She says on any given weekday, a couple of hundred vehicles are parked in the park. 

"Despite the fact that the City College recently opened nearly a 2,000 space parking garage that’s pretty affordable you’ll find that students are still risking a $35 ticket." 

Nearby residents say the parking problem is contributing to traffic congestion, noise, and litter. Under the newly proposed restrictions, spaces closest to the college will be changed to either “no parking anytime” or “one-hour parking”. 

The City Council is expected to approve the changes during its meeting on Tuesday.