Theatre Review: Antigone

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 24, 2008
“Antigone” is set during the time of a military campaign that’s dragged on too long. So when the king announces that the war is over, it’s a big deal, with blaring trumpets. (scene) Talk about a media blitz. There’s just one problem. The troops don’t come home. The war is still underway. But the king swiftly punishes anyone – even his sons – who confronts him with the truth. Then the king does something you should never do in a Greek tragedy. He ignores the warning of a blind soothsayer, who thumps with a staff for emphasis. The denunciation is sweeping, and the scene is a showstopper. (scene) Less than an hour and a half long, this show is captivating and unsettling. And it’s the grittiness that gets you -- the steely look in a woman’s blue eyes as she deliberately challenges the king, knowing that he’ll probably have her killed. Which he does. Director Frank Condon and his savvy, local cast have created the most intense, heart-thumping version of a Greek classic that Sacramento has seen in years. It’s worth going out of your way to experience. "Antigone" continues River Stage on the Cosumnes River College campus through May 18th.