Lawmakers Could See Pay Cut

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
The Citizens’ Compensation Commission sets salaries for legislators and other state-wide officials like the Governor and the Attorney General. They meet annually to decide whether or not to give them a raise. This year, there will be no pay hike. And Chairman Charles Murray says it’s a reduction that may be in order, to help balance the state budget shortfall: “Everybody else is having to feel the pain. I know 10% across the board cut was mandated by the government in everybody’s budget, so I felt we should try to explore to do something.” The Governor’s budget includes a ten percent across the board cut for most state departments. Murray has asked for a legal opinion on whether or not the commission has the power to reduce salaries. They’ll reconvene in a month or two. Right now legislators make 116-thosuand dollars a year, but leaders make more. The Governor currently earns 212-thousand dollars, but Schwarzenegger does not take a salary.