Call for More Quake Insurance Options

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 18, 2008
Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner says eleven percent of California homeowners have earthquake insurance – down from 30 percent a decade ago. “You know, I continue, honestly to lose sleep at night...worrying about the next earthquake.” Poizner says the cost of coverage and the high deductibles for plans offered by the California Earthquake Authority are a deterrent. He wants to create a blue ribbon commission to come up with recommendations for more affordable policies the Authority could offer. Poizner says it’s critical that more people get covered: “When the next big one hits – and we know it’s coming – you know, lots of people are going to be hurt. Now if people think the state government or the federal government is going to bail them out, they should think again.” Poizner hopes to put the commission together by the summer.