Mayoral Candidates Pick Up Labor Endorsements

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fargo told KXJZ News she’s earned the endorsements of two teachers unions, including the Sacramento City Teachers Association. 
Fargo: “That, of course, is the union that Kevin has worked most closely with, so I think it says quite a bit.” 
Meanwhile, Johnson, the former NBA star and Oak Park developer, picked up the support of the Sacramento Central Labor Council.
Bill Camp is the council’s executive secretary.  He says during Fargo’s tenure, city officials haven’t responded to the union’s interests – especially with development projects. 
Camp: “And every time we come to the city, they say, oh, you shoulda gotten hold of us earlier, you shoulda gotten hold of us earlier.  What Kevin said is, he’s committed to there’ll be somebody in his office that we can pick up the phone and call and say, what’s coming up, what’s next?” 
The labor council represents 160,000 AFL-CIO union members in the six Sacramento-area counties.