Proposed Initiative Aims at Enhancing Victims' Rights

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The wide-sweeping initiative is called “Marsy’s Law”. It’s named for a 21-year-old murder victim who was shot in 1983 by her former boyfriend. Her family is backing the measure.

It would reduce and in some cases eliminate parole hearings for some criminals.   It would also restrict early releases of prisoners and allow crime victims to sue if their rights aren’t met. Republican Assemblyman Todd Spitzer is supports the measure. 

“There are those of us who are part of the crime victims family who are sick and tired of the injustices that go on in these court rooms…”

Spitzer says the measure would also eliminate conjugal visits in prisons.  The group “Critical Resistance” that pushes alternatives to prison opposes the measure. A spokeswoman says money should instead be spent on a better parole system to reduce the numbers of those who re-offend.