El Dorado County School District Pushing Bond Measure

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(Placerville, CA)
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Supporters say the district has some of the best students in the region.  But they say its facilities are not keeping up.  So in June, the Board of Trustees is asking residents to approve Measure Q, a 66 million dollar bond measure.  The money would go towards new heating and air conditioning, upgrading school libraries and computer labs, and more.  Charlie Stephens with the Yes on Q campaign says the bond would be paid back with property tax revenues.
Stephens: “One of the nice things about funding schools this way – from the point of view of a community that can afford it – is you can have your own money spent in your own district.” 
Stephens says the average home owner in the district would pay less than four dollars a month in extra property taxes for the next 25 years.  So far, there’s been no public opposition to Measure Q, which needs a 55 percent vote to pass.