Big Quake Expected Within Thirty Years

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctor Michael Reichle is the Chief Seismologist for the California Geological Survey.  He says their latest study shows what many Californians may not want to think about...

" The probability of a magnitude six-point-seven or greater earthquake in the next thirty years is nearly 100-percent.  It’s virtually certain…”

That’s the size of the quake that rocked Northridge in 1994.  The likelihood of an even larger quake—magnitude seven-point-five or greater in the same time frame is 46-percent.

Reichle says this most recent study examined fault lines all over the state.

 “So this is really the first time we’ve reached general consensus on the hazard levels on all of the faults in California.”

The results will be used to update building codes and set earthquake insurance rates. Reichle says it’s also a good reminder to do things like strap down your water heater and book cases.