Tax Deadline Looms

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 10, 2008
The Franchise Tax Board expects 15.6 million tax returns to be filed this year. Two-thirds of those will result in a refund. The average check is around 800 dollars. State Controller John Chiang says you’ll get that cash in about a week if you e-file.... it’ll take more like 6-8 weeks if you mail your return in. His advice in these waning hours of tax season? Get organized: “Even though it’s last minute, get all the paperwork available. I always tell people to line it up, according to as you go through the schedule.” If you really need extra time to file, you get an automatic extension until October 15th for the state return. But a word of caution: that’s only an extension to file. You’re still expected to pay up by April 15th if you owe. The Franchise Tax Board has hired more than 12-hundred seasonal employees to handle the returns.