Nevada May Seek Payment For Fossett Search

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 10, 2008

The missing aviator has still not been found and a judge declared Fossett dead earlier this year. Some lawmakers suggest the state seek reimbursement from Fossett's estate. 

Meantime…people are still looking for Fossett…including Mike Larson, a Carson City man. Larson is leading a private search. On KXJZ’s Insight…he said the best way to find a possible crash site will NOT be by air…but on the ground. 

"Actually hiking and getting close up is the only way you’re really going to ever probably see his accident. It’s very different than just being a hunter or what we would call a weekend warrior out here…you really have to be dedicated to the cause week after week after week and not relent on this." 

Hundreds of searchers scoured the Nevada desert for more than a month after Fossett failed to return from a Labor Day flight.