Green Expo At Sac Convention Center

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The convention center is packed with row after row of products on display. Carl Smith is one of the expo organizers. 

"The range of things is really wild – we have an environmentally sustainable form of sterno over here." 

That’s “sterno” as in a portable fuel source used for heating. 

Brandon Kavrell is one of the exhibitors at the expo. He demonstrates his line of green-friendly janitorial supplies made out of fruit acid and hydrogen peroxide by cleaning a filthy hub cap.  

"It’ll take off this grime."

Kavrell says he’s been showing his products to decision makers trying to conserve energy. 

"Cities, counties, states, private organizations…they’re all looking to go in this direction." 

Governor Schwarzenegger has ordered state-owned buildings to cut energy use by 20% over the next seven years. The three-day expo ends Wednesday.