Packing Peanuts Ban to be Considered

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 7, 2008

Democratic Assemblywoman Sally Lieber has a bill that would prohibit the sale of the polystyrene or “Styrofoam” packing peanuts in California by 2012.   She says there are environmental impacts from the lightweight packing material—it can blow around and often becomes garbage that doesn’t break down. Lieber says there are other biodegradable options.   

The Plastic Loose Fill Council opposes the measure.  A spokeswoman notes recycled content is used in manufacturing the material – and says passage of the bill will mean there’s no need to collect and reuse it—and will kill their efforts to do so. 

Lieber’s bill is scheduled to have its first hearing in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.  

The bill is AB 3025.