Movers, Shakers Lobby For Federal Dollars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 7, 2008

Sacramento Metro Chamber President and CEO Matt Mahood says Cap-to-Cap delegates have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours prepping for the five-day trip. 

"…and now it’s time to really have an impact and make sure the Sacramento region stays competitive." 

That means nearly 200 individual appointments with federal lawmakers and government officials. Flood protection and transportation top the policy agenda.

But, this being an election year, Mahood says not all of Sacramento’s movers and shakers are along for the ride. 

"We have less elected officials traveling with us this year because many of them are staying home to continue to work in their district. They’re out campaigning." 

Still, Mahood is hopeful that delegates will get federal officials to fully fund flood protection projects like improvements to Folsom Dam.

Delegates will also try to get a chunk of $10 billion in federal grants to create more clean technology jobs.