Poll Shows Home Ownership Affordable But Still Out Of Reach

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 4, 2008

The Sacramento State poll released today shows that most people think affordable housing is NOT the challenge it once was. Two years ago, an earlier poll showed that more than half of the people surveyed thought the availability of affordable housing was a big problem.   

"But that’s totally, completely changed (laughs). This year people really think the price has dropped significantly."

Sacramento State pollster Amy Liu says only 36% of the people surveyed now think affordable housing is a big problem. She also says, thanks to plunging home sales, 63% believe buying now or within the next six months is a good idea. But 58% worry that their total family income won’t be enough to pay the bills.

We asked a lunch time crowd at an outdoor eatery in East Sacramento what they thought.  
Female: "I think for buying a house it’s a good time right now. The market’s kind of declining I know it’s hard to sell your house right now."
Male: "December 2009…that would be a good time to buy a house…I think."
Male: "Now would probably be a most opportune time. The interest rates are low and price of homes have gone down significantly…I know mine has (laughs)."  

The Sac State poll also found that three-quarters of the residents polled believe it will take at least two years before the local housing market fully recovers from the sub-prime mortgage debacle.