Court Rules In Lawmaker's Favor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
A federal judge has ruled Democratic State Senator Carole Migden CAN use more than 600-thousand dollars in old campaign funds. The Fair Political Practices Commission had denied her access to the money, saying she had missed a filing deadline. Migden sued, saying it violated her right to free speech. And U.S. District Judge Edmund Brennan agreed. He’s granted her request for a preliminary injunction against the commission’s ruling. That allows her to use the funds for her tough re-election bid in the June primary. The F-P-P-C has also filed a nine million dollar counter suit, claiming Migden has been filing inaccurate campaign statements for years. In an unrelated case, the Commission recently fined Migden a record 350-thousand dollars for 89 violations.