Residents Voting On New Name For Goethe Park

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 31, 2008

Today is the deadline to vote on a new name for Goethe Park near Rancho Cordova. Forty years ago, the park was named after successful banker Charles M. Goethe.

Liz Bellas is with the county Parks Department.

"Mr. Goethe was, although a philanthropic individual who did a lot for parks, also believed in the social movement called eugenics." 

That’s the early 20th Century white supremacist movement to breed better humans. Earlier this year, Sacramento County supervisors voted to re-name the park after community activists pointed out Goethe’s beliefs. 

Residents have been suggesting names for the 400-acre park for months. They include Willow Bar, Live Oak and Riverbend.    

"So far we’ve received 715 responses. We would love to have more."

You can vote up until 5 PM today. The new name is expected to be announced on April 18th.