Californians Celebrate Chavez

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 31, 2008

Jose Medina is standing next to a red banner that reads: Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez. Medina says if Chavez were alive today, he’d be at the forefront of the immigration debate.

"..that’s all you hear is ‘the Mexicans are trying to cross the border.’ We never hear about anybody else and to me that’s a racial issue." 

A few feet away from the park’s bronze statue of Chavez, Irma Sigala gets emotional talking about Chavez’ legacy.    

"We worked in the fields and then we made it we went to school…Cesar Chavez opened the door for us." 

Sigala says she thinks the Cesar Chavez holiday should be celebrated nationwide. In 2000, California became the first state to create an official holiday honoring Chavez.