Report Prompts Tahoe Agencies To Collaborate Better

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 28, 2008

Earlier this month, the Associated Press’s Don Thompson wrote that steps to prevent catastrophic wildfires, like last summer’s Angora fire, have been hampered by inter-agency bickering. Julie Regan is with one of those groups – the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.   

"We’ve made a great commitment to work with the fire agencies and professionals going forward. I think we can always do better to collaborate because he was accurate in his reporting about a lot of competing issues. But I think we can learn from this."

Last week, a bi-state panel charged with finding ways to reduce the risk of fire near Lake Tahoe released its own report. It told the various agencies to set aside their often-conflicting goals of land use planning and environmental protection…and begin cooperating.