Fargo: State of Sacramento is Bright, Optimistic

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 28, 2008

Right off the bat, Fargo addressed Sacramento’s $58 million budget deficit.  She said the city council is working with staff, listening to the community, and will approve an on-time, balanced budget by June 1st.
But she spent most of her speech – and gave far more details – about how she wants to move ahead.  She called the state of the city “bright” and optimistic, pointing to past – and future – growth in housing, retail and more.
Fargo: “Sacramento is getting noticed.  People are coming here with their money and with their investments.  And our role here is really to guide that development to be the best it can be, to grow our economy and make sure the people in our community benefit from that growth.”
The mayor also issued two challenges to the business representatives at the speech: offer more jobs to teenagers, to help combat the growing number of high school dropouts; and reduce energy use and create a greener economy.