Elk Grove Mayor says City Needs More Jobs

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(Elk Grove, CA)
Friday, March 28, 2008

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis is calling for 50,000 new jobs to bring more balance to the city. 
Davis: “It certainly has been a bedroom community that got out of control.  But it’s time now for us to really become the city that we know we need to be, and that’s a city that has the same number of jobs as houses.” 
Davis gave his State of the City address Thursday night.  He points to the city’s 130,000 residents and 30,000 jobs as the cause of long commutes, traffic and auto emissions. 
Davis: “We have opportunity to grow, but my challenge to my colleagues on the city council is to grow in a different way – jobs and higher density.  Be smarter with our valuable resources.” 
Still, Davis says the state of his city is strong – despite the bad economy and housing market.  He touted its location, schools and parks.