TRPA May Settle Tahoe Airport Tree Removals

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency originally fined the city of South Lake Tahoe $500,000 for cutting down more than 380 trees at the airport without a valid permit.

Now, in lieu of the fine, the agency may require the city to improve erosion control and restore thousands of acres at the airport. Julie Regan is with the TRPA. 

"The South Lake Tahoe City Airport is located in a very fragile area on the upper Truckee River along the meadow and having watershed restoration in the stream environment zone will be very important and will actually have an environmental benefit to the lake." 

Under the proposed settlement, the city would have to permanently remove a large section of pavement along the runway’s northeastern edge. It was built on environmentally sensitive land.

TRPA’s governing board will consider the settlement at its meeting on Wednesday.