Parking Tickets, Other Sac Fees Likely Going Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pull out that pesky city of Sacramento parking ticket you haven’t paid yet and look at the amount.  Whether it’s for an expired meter, a no-parking violation or staying too long in a residential zone, you can pretty much just add five bucks.  For most tickets, that means a bump from $35 to $40.  And the meters are going up too – from $1 an hour to $1.25.
It’s not just parking, either.  Other increases on the table include water fees and a whole lot of planning and development fees.
More increases are in the works, too, from the police department and Parks and Recreation.  The city hopes to bring in an extra million dollars from these hikes – to help reduce Sacramento’s $58 million budget deficit.