Local Transportation Plan Approved

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 20, 2008

The plan was approved by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments or SACOG. It commits $14.3 billion for transit and $1.4 billion for bike and pedestrian projects.

West Sacramento Mayor and SACOG board member Christopher Cabaldon says it’s….
"…the most aggressive plan in California and probably the country in terms of reducing carbon emissions and climate change impacts from transportation spending." 

But environmentalists are critical of the plan. 

"This is kind of like the 49ers popping the champagne cork when they’ve won a single game. It’s much too early to celebrate." 

Alex Kelter is with the Environmental Council of Sacramento. He points out the plan also includes $23 billion for roads.

"Why is there still automobile dependent sprawl being approved for paving over agricultural land?"

But Cabaldon says the plan strikes a balance between transit and roads.

"Real, attractive, safe, reliable alternatives for folks to use other than their automobile while at the same time making the necessary improvements in our road maintenance and in our ulterior roads and highways, new bridges." 

All totaled, SACOG’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan consists of $42 billion in projects to be paid for with federal, state and local transportation dollars through the year 2035.