Davis School Board May Close Junior High

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 20, 2008

The controversial proposal could save the district around $600,000 a year. Emerson students would be sent to two other middle schools: Holmes and Harper.

But it’s still not a done deal. Sheila Allen is president of the school board. 

"I need to feel comfortable that this is not just a one year solution. So that’s why I need to know at least a little more information about capacity or alternatively if there’s any way to do some sort of modified program for one year at Emerson." 

Opponents of the plan say closing Emerson would increase class sizes at the other schools. They say the district should form a task force to study the issue.

But district officials say they have to work quickly to submit a balanced budget to the state by June 30th.

Thursday's meeting at the Community Chambers starts at 7 PM.