Recall of State Senator Qualifies for Ballot

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Voters in Senator Jeff Denham’s Central Valley district will decide whether to recall the Republican lawmaker.  Denham’s campaign spokesman Kevin Spillane says it’s really a power play by the Senate’s top Democrat Don Perata. 

“The whole reason for the recall is because the President of the state Senate doesn’t like how Senator Jeff Denham voted on last year’s budget…”

A spokesman for the so-called “Dump Denham” campaign says this is about Denham’s performance in office.  Paul Hefner compares it to a recall of a defective toy. 

 “When the product isn’t what it’s supposed to be, when it’s not serving your interest, you know we take it off the shelf.”

Denham angered majority Democrats last year when he stood with other Republican lawmakers and held out for more budget cuts.  He represents a moderate district.  His recall could open that seat to a Democrat. 

Governor Schwarzenegger will set the date of the recall election soon.  It’s likely to be scheduled for the June primary ballot.