Poll Shows Support For War Still Low

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Sacramento State poll found that local support for the war is holding steady at just under 30%….the same amount as last year. Residents are split along party lines: 56% of Republicans say it was worth going to war and 90% of Democrats say it was not. 

The survey also asked local residents about sending troops to Iran to stop that country from producing nuclear weapons. 66% oppose the idea.

Sac State pollster Amy Liu theorizes that the lengthy conflicts with Afghanistan and Iraq have created war fatigue. 

"Those two wars are much longer than people originally thought so starting a new war is something even the Republicans really have to think hard about." 

She says 56% of local Republicans oppose military action in Iran. The telephone survey of 1,200 Sacramento area residents was conducted between late February and early March.