County Supes Reject Medical Marijuana ID Cards

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Federal law does not allow the use of marijuana for any purpose.  But California law does – and it requires each county to offer ID cards to residents who receive a doctor’s prescription.
Residents like 75-year-old Neoma Denny of Sacramento:
Denny: “My liver disease is so far advanced, I can’t take medicine for nausea.  I can’t take medicine for pain.  If all of this was approved, I wouldn’t have to go somewhere else to get my medical marijuana.” 
But Sheriff John McGinness and District Attorney Jan Scully both oppose the program.  McGinness says federal law trumps state law, and doesn’t want to encourage marijuana use.
Sacramento is now one of just 18 California counties to ignore state law and not offer the ID cards.