City Pushes Township 9 For Prop 1C Funds

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Township 9 would convert an old cannery property near the American River into an affordable housing project. City Council members chose it over the downtown Railyards project for Proposition 1C bond money.

But councilwoman Lauren Hammond said the city is still dedicated to the Railyards. 

"And that commitment isn’t swayed or weakened by the fact that there is one other project out there that used to be a stinky, old cannery, which is an opportunity for commercial and housing. Because I think we need to remember – Prop 1C money is what? Housing." 

Council members also voted to make the Railyards the city’s top priority for future Prop 1C grants.

Railyards developer Thomas Enterprises had strongly pushed the council to apply on its behalf. Now it says it’ll file its own application.