California National Guard: Recruitment Up, Equipment Down

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Lieutenant Colonel John Seipmann says there’s no problem attracting people to the California Army National Guard: “People are surprised when we say this. Our recruitment in the army has never been better than it has been the last three years.” He says they’re close to 100 percent of what they’re allowed to have – with just under 21-thousand members. Equipment, however, is not so plentiful. Siepmann says they have only about 50% of what they should when it comes to humvees and weapons for training: “We’ve traditionally been under-resourced and it wasn’t as big of a problem when we didn’t go anywhere. Now that we’re in a constant state of deployment, it’s a much larger problem.” Seipmann says there are about 12-hundred National Guard soldiers and airmen and women serving in Iraq right now. Over the course of the war 72-hundred have served there – and 27 have died in the line of duty.