Theatre Review: Urinetown

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 17, 2008

This show is set in a grim future that somehow looks like the Great Depression. Environmental disaster has made water incredibly scarce. Sanitation is controlled by a corrupt, government-sanctioned monopoly, which is raising the fee to use the toilet. And the little people are ready to revolt.


This being a musical, the kind-hearted daughter of the evil monopolist falls for a young revolutionary out for justice. And right away, we get policeman with a nightstick and a pigtailed girl talking like this.

“She loves him, doesn’t she, Officer Lockstock.”

“Sure she does, Little Sally. He’s the hero of the show. She has to love him.” (laughter).

The plot formulas that drive musicals get skewered, even as the show delivers the pleasures associated with Broadway shows. There’s a finger-snapping street gang straight out of “West Side Story.”


…which segues into a gospel number, of all things.

(Freedom Run)

This large, exceedingly clever production, which barely fits on Foothill Theatre’s small stage, hits your funnybone in multiple ways. You’ll probably go home humming the songs, too.

Nevada City's Foothill Theatre Company presents "Urinetown" through April 6th.