Major I-5 Roadwork Might Only Take 40 Days

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 17, 2008

Okay, there’s some good news and bad news here.  The good news is that the project will take just over 40 days, far fewer than the original prediction of around 300.  The bad news is that both directions of I-5 from Highway 50 to J Street will have to be shut down twice – one direction at a time.  The closures will each last a week or two and will start in late May.
CalTrans director Will Kempton says drivers will still be able to reach downtown and West Sacramento.
Kempton: “We’re looking to maintain access to these locations throughout the project.  The only difference will be that for short periods of time, mainline I-5 will be closed.” 
Traffic also streams into this stretch of road from Highway 50 and Business Route 80.  So CalTrans will have to set up traffic controls on those routes – slowing them down, as well.
The Contractor

Contractor CC Myers says he’ll get the job done better, safer and faster. 

Myers: “I gotta beat my time.  I never get – I gotta do that, right?  If we say 42 days now, well, it’s gonna be faster than that.” 

Myers’s Rancho Cordova firm is the same company that repaired part of the MacArthur Maze in Oakland after last year’s tanker fire.  It won the I-5 contract from CalTrans last month.