Salmon Ban Debated

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 10, 2008
The Central Valley fall Chinook salmon run is at a record low. And Harry Morse with the State Department of Fish and Game says it’s a very important salmon run: "This is the largest of the ocean stocks that come out of California. I mean, they’re fished all the way up into Washington. This is the big one.” The Pacific Fisheries Management Council regulates fishing on the West Coast. Members are meeting this week and will come up with several options. Morse says all will likely include restrictions - or an outright ban. He says that would be tough: "If there’s a no fishing option, it will affect everyone from the mom and pop stores selling bait to the commercial fisherman and the industries there around it.” There’s no clear reason for the drop in the number of fish. The council will examine possible causes this week.