Lawsuit Challenges Use of Campaign Funds

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Democratic State Senator Carole Migden is suing the state Fair Political Practices Commission over the law that specifies how surplus funds can be used.  She wants access to 600-thousand dollars she had left over from previous campaigns. Bob Stern with the L-A Based Center for Governmental Studies says the state legislature set the rules for what can be done with surplus money. 

  “Some give it to charity, some give it to a political party some say well I may be running for office so they say I’m going to transfer it to another office account…”

For those who want to run for another office “leftover” campaign funds must be transferred before the candidate leaves their current one.  Migden’s lawsuit says that’s unconstitutional. Her lawyers say that money could make the difference in the highly competitive race she’s facing in the upcoming June primary.  F.P.P.C. Chairman Ross Johnson said in a statement that Migden wants to bully the Commission and he intends to enforce the law.