GOP Primary for Doolittle's Seat Shaken Up

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(Auburn, CA)
Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One staunch conservative candidate is in: Southern California State Senator Tom McClintock.  And another staunch conservative is out: former State Senator Rico Oller, who promptly endorsed McClintock.
Republican political consultant Jeff Flint lives in the district.  He says McClintock’s name recognition – after seven runs for statewide office – trumped Oller’s local roots.
Flint: “I think in some ways Rico is a better candidate for the district, but McClintock is a stronger candidate politically, and Rico Oller getting out of the race is a demonstration of that.” 
But Flint says he’ll vote for McClintock anyway.  He says the senator better represents the district’s values than the other major Republican candidate, former congressman Doug Ose.  Ose is generally considered to be more moderate, but his supporters say he’s already built up support in the district.
The winner of the Republican primary will likely face Democrat Charlie Brown, who narrowly lost to Doolittle two years ago.