New Bill Would Require Clearance Before Cosmetic Surgery

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 3, 2008

People seeking elective cosmetic surgery in California would have to get medical clearance from a different licensed physician.  That’s what Yolanda Anderson is pushing for.  Her Aunt is Donda West— hip hop star Kanye West’s Mother.  She died after a tummy tuck and breast reconstruction. Anderson says she thought about how to prevent such deaths following her Aunt’s funeral. 

 “What could we possibly do so that her death wouldn’t be in vain? Of course her name would go on as a legacy but we could make awareness to this.…”

Anderson says her Aunt’s doctor did not require such a clearance. The L-A County coroner’s autopsy report says West had coronary artery disease and post operative complications—but the final manner of her death was not determined.  The California Society of Plastic Surgeons has not taken a position. But its past President Doctor Michael McGuire says he’s concerned the bill is inflexible.