Court Will Take Up Gay Marriage

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 3, 2008

March 4th is a big day for California’s gay and lesbian couples. 

"Tuesday is the day that we’ve been waiting for." 

Pamela Brown is with Marriage Equality USA. She says they’re upbeat about the hearing…and she points out that back in 1948, the court struck down a similar state law. 

"We are quite hopeful that as they did 60 years ago when they ended the ban on interracial marriage that history’s going to repeat itself." 

But opponents of same-sex marriages are also hopeful.

Brad Dacus is with the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute. He says California voters already defined marriage when they passed Proposition 22 eight years ago. 

"They defined it to be between one man and one woman and I think our courts in California are civilized enough that in the end they will once again uphold the definition of marriage." 

Tuesday's hearing is scheduled to start at 9 AM and a ruling is expected within 90 days.