City Employees Could Get Buyout Offers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 3, 2008

Sacramento currently has about 200 vacant positions in its general fund – the fund that’s facing a huge shortfall for the fiscal year that starts July 1st.  But officials say that’s not enough.  So on Tuesday, the city council will likely approve a “Voluntary Separation Program” – or, as you and I would say, buyouts.
Officials won’t say how many employees they want to accept the program.  And city manager Ray Kerridge says the buyouts might not be enough.
Kerridge: “There probably will be layoffs in this city; you’ve seen some of them already.  But the important point to remember here is: 95 percent of the people working here now will still be here when the layoffs are complete.” 
Meanwhile, the city’s budget gap just keeps getting bigger.  Finance director Russell Fehr says what has been a $55 million deficit has grown to $58 million – and probably isn’t done yet.