Med Center Workers Picket Over Pay

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Custodians, grounds keepers and health care workers are protesting a contract dispute with the hospital.

One of those employees is John Tinker who takes x-rays. He says workers need a raise. 

"We’re the ones that give the care but it’s kind of like they don’t care about the workers. All they care about is getting their bonuses and ‘hooray for us’ and kind of ‘screw you’ to the workers." 

But David Ong with UC Davis Health System says the workers’ union has rejected several offers.

The most recent wage increase would have been between three-and-a-half percent to 15 percent depending on the job. 

"All tolled for an average worker, that would have resulted, over a six month period, an additional $1,200." 

Contracts for 20,000 workers at five UC Med Centers across the state have expired.

Both UC negotiators and representatives from the worker’s union will now go before a fact-finding panel.