District Recruiting Parents To Help Fix Achievement Gap

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 28, 2008

State education officials admit the achievement gap between white students and other ethnic groups is a pervasive problem in California.

Wanda Yanez is the mother of a second grader at Sacramento’s Theodora Judah Elementary School. She gets emotional just thinking about it.    

"The gap is major. Not just for my kid. I want every kid to succeed."  

Yanez is one of several hundred parents and teachers at the school district’s Serna Center getting tips on what parents can do to help improve student test scores. Things as simple as arranging transportation for kids from low-income families who need after school tutoring or putting on a Spelling Bee. 

Jeana Preston is leading the conference. She’s with San Diego State University’s Research Foundation.  

"The lower the income of the family the less likely they are to be involved and so what schools do matters."

District officials are already planning a citywide “Back to School” campaign after summer vacation. It may include barbecues and other events to pull more parents into the schools.